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GET ANSWERS to your POP ART BOOK questions here!

  • Are POP ART BOOKS a good investment?
    Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest", so we say, YES!
  • Are POP ART BOOKS high quality?
    We specifically sought out the highest quality and most durable materials for our books, so they last from sibling to sibling, and generation to generation. POP ART BOOKS are printed with soy ink, have soft foam covers, and feature durable, thick pages with rounded corners. Each book is bubble-wrapped to ensure its arrival in pristine condition.
  • Why should I buy POP ART BOOKS over other books?
    POP ART BOOKS are more enjoyable for the brain and eyes than any other book! Having read many children's books that bore us to tears, with visuals that leave us scratching our heads, we guarantee you're going to love our wit and design sensibilities. POP ART BOOKS feature engaging rhyming and striking imagery that will leave you happier and smarter after reading!
  • Are books still relevant in an era of screens and digitization?
    YES! Nothing can ever replace the feeling of having a book in your hand, flipping through the pages, and closing the book when it's finished. "The End" just doesn't seem like, "The End" on a screen. Plus, kids LOVE real, physical books!
  • Why does rhyming matter?
    Rhyming teaches timing, pronunciation and variation. Rhyming develops the ear, prompting kids to speak clear. Rhyming takes away the mystery, leading to reading and writing victory!
  • Who is the writer and illustrator of POP ART BOOKS?
    Brianna Davis is the writer and illustrator of POP ART BOOKS. If Brianna was a superhero toting weapons, hers would be a pen and scissors; a pen to stain her brain onto paper, and scissors to bring her rhymes into modern times. All the art Brianna creates for her books is constructed from cut paper. Brianna’s publishing goals are to deliver books that are original, with principles, and outstanding visuals. She aspires to create books that fill a void, leave children overjoyed, and keep people employed.
  • What do these books do to help humanity?
    Giving aligns with our mission. We give books to schools in developing nations. We believe rhyming assists in learning English, so our books are placed in front of children who are learning English. We are also quick to give books to any children we see who have been dealt a hard hand.
  • What shipping times can I expect?
    We package and ship orders the same day they're received, Sunday through Friday. We take every seventh day off to rest and recharge our batteries. We ship via USPS, which usually takes 2-10 days, depending on your location. We can offer faster options for an additional charge; inquire at
  • I ordered a signed book. Where is the author's signature?
    The author signs books on the second to last page. Look for pages with the words: "THE END... LET'S STAY FRIENDS! LOVE, BRIANNA."
  • When can I expect the next POP ART BOOK to debut?
    The creator of POP ART BOOKS currently has 57 books in her pipeline. The books will debut as quickly as the art is finished. Stay tuned, and subscribe to our email list for announcements.
  • What is the meaning of life?
    The meaning of life is found in your purpose. Every person has a unique purpose that only they can fulfill. A purpose helps others as much as the host. Living a purpose brings joy to a life.
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